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February 28, 2017

This month seemed to be a month for finishing books on a Wednesday.

I continued with Robert Fabbri's Vespasian series this month, Masters of Rome and Rome's Lost Son. These two books head through the death of Messalina and the rise of Agrippina. We see Druids, with magic; and treachery, and a bit of death ending with the beginnings of Nero. The seventh book in the series I have yet to get, but I imagine it will course through Nero and maybe lead on the year of the four emperors.

I wanted a break from all the Rome, and moved on the G. M. Malliet's Max Tudor series with Fatal Winter and Pagan Spring. I absolutely adore the cover for Fatal Winter which is mainly set in the castle of the murder victims and not in the village as per the previous book. It's much in the way of classic whodunit's where the detective [or in this case the village priest] ends up at the mansion of some high-to-do when they are murdered and ends up staying to resolve the issue. This book actually see's 3 deaths and involves some disguise. Thoroughly enjoyed.
Pagan Spring brings us back down to the village and while the murder mystery part of the story is good; the last chapter or so which involves a confession does drag into some WW2 history that I felt was out of place. While I completely understand the reasoning of the murderer, the excess detail wasn't required unless you were writing a WW2 story, which this isn't. But that chapter doesn't spoil an otherwise excellent mystery.

I decided to round the month off with the latest Anthony Riches Empire series book, Altar of Blood. We start off with some unfortunate news, which I sometimes wonder "can't these characters ever be happy?", but it leads to some nice subterfuge, a kidnapping, and some interesting prophecy. Hoping they'll be a tenth book, but Riches has a new series out now, so we'll wait and see.

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