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January 31, 2017

Jan 17 Books

Welcome to 2017 books I've read. January has been a bit up and down book wise. I've managed to read a couple of small eBooks to bump up my reading but the paperbacks have been taking me longer than I'd like.

I started off the year with Invader by Simon Scarrow. This is a compilation of an eBook series about a character that features in Scarrows' Eagle series. We're in Britannia, dealing with tribal chiefs and druids, much mayhem, much bloodshed, being captured etc; everything you'd expect from an invading army. It was tough going as an all-in-one and is probably better read as the 5 separate novellas.

The Ladybird Book of Boxing Day was something I saw on Boxing Day, in WH Smiths, when shopping and a quick amazon search revealed that it was much cheaper there; so while I didn't buy it at the time, I knew I wanted it. It is hilarious and depicts the true nature of an English Boxing Day.

Here we come to my mammoth task of reading all the currently owned Robert Fabbri series. I am one eBook and one paperback short of the current set but I like reading series in order wherever possible. The Racing Factions and The Dreams of Morpheus focus on Magnus and his brotherhood of, well, let's face it, thieves, murders and bullies. While under "legitimate" license for there business, they deal in some pretty sordid affairs. Magnus features heavily in Fabbris' Vespasian series.

Vespasian #3 False God of Rome deals with Vespasian's friendship with Caligula. The excesses of Caligula are brilliantly portrayed along with a sense that he is not mad, and actually knows exactly what he is doing. But it does get a little bit debauched and vividly told. Vespasian is ordered to Egypt to acquire Alexander's breastplate and ends up having to steal it; it involves geese which is quite funny.

Vespasian #4 Rome's Fallen Eagle takes us to the wilds of Germania, and the history of the lost eagles when Varus was betrayed in the Teutoburg Forest. To keep alive his brother, they manage indeed to find the eagle, but as always politics gets in the way. We then have the invasion of Britain in the second half of the book and you guessed it, more imperial politics getting in the way of good old fighting.

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I have challenged myself to the usual 52 books. I am 6 books read, 2 ahead. Take a look at the gadget over on the right to keep up with my progress.

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Vespasian #5 Masters of Rome by Robert Fabbri

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