January 01, 2017

Credit: www.tolivebeautifully.com
This post should really just say "Look at 2016 post" because everything I said there, applies today.

A whole new year has gone past and absolutely nothing has changed. I'm still in that rut, things I wanted to do last year, haven't happened.
Am I gonna make them happen this year? Who the hell knows.

I know so far, I'm really looking at things I want to buy, and whether I can really justify the price for what it is, or whether I really need another hoodie. I have so many, and really, when I'm at home [which is basically all the time] it's quicker, easier, and warmer just to put on my dressing gown.
Do I really need to buy that thing that makes me happy now, but in 6 months I'll just stop caring about?

Something changed at the end of last year, and how that will affect this year is going to be interesting. Maybe it won't affect it, but we will see.

We can only see. So here's to 2017, the year of seeing. 😕

Highlight of 2016: Getting a new mattress. Sleep heaven.

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