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December 31, 2016

December Books

8 books? What on earth has gotten into me? Here's a secret, I missed a few chunks of a couple of them.

SPQR #6 Nobody Loves A Centurion by John Maddox Roberts heads to Gaul where, you guessed it, Metellus is investigating a murder in an army camp. Fleeing Rome and heading to Caesar, where a despicable centurion ends up dead and a century of men lie under suspicion. Not surprisingly it doesn't go well for Metellus, being kidnapped and all, but manages to save the day as always.

SPQR #7 The Tribune's Curse by John Maddox Roberts Metellus is married, to Caesar's niece; Crassus is off to his fateful end [his Parthian war that led to his death] when a tribune of the people lays down a curse on him. The cleansing of the city after this monstrosity is hilarious, including Metellus in the thick of it. Pompey asks him to solve the mystery of both the curse, and the death of the tribune.

SPQR #8 The River God's Vengeance by John Maddox Roberts see's a flood in Rome, Metellus as Aedile and of course conspiracy and murder. What seems like a simple building fall, turns into conspiracy of illegal activities, and the flood leaves Metellus fighting for both his life [at one point] and his sanity.

TVD [The Vampire Diaries] #9 Moonsong by L. J. Smith is just getting ridiculous. 1-7 were written by L. J. Smith who was then let go, and the series was ghost-written. But the storylines just get more ridiculous and unbelievable. In all honesty I read purely for the Damon stuff.

TVD #10 Destiny Rising see's more of the same, with Elena being a Guardian with powers, which is where she was several books ago anyway; "choosing" Stefan and taking some Elixir of Eternal Life.

TVD #11 Unseen takes threats to Elena's life; a connection [psychic] between Damon and herself [made in the previous book] showing danger for them both and Stefan finally snuffing it [woo hoo!].

TVD #12 Unspoken thankfully gets Elena and Damon closer together, amid deadly non-dead vampires. She finally realises her fate, Damon, and then almost dies at the end of it.

TVD #13 Unseen makes me so mad it is untrue. It is a total cop out on the entire series and history of all the characters. The fact that the ending makes me happy because I'm a Delena fan; the rest of it makes me annoyed.

All in all, it started out well, went a little weird, went very weird and only ended in a good way for the half of us who love Damon.

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