September - Books

September 30, 2016

Another 4 books down this month. Unfortunately my to read pile isn't getting any smaller.

Augustus: Son of Rome by Richard Foreman is about Augustus back when he was simply Octavian and how he grows up to become Emperor.

Augustus: Son of Caesar by Richard Foreman continues the story of Augustus. I enjoyed both this books, it was a different take on the boyhood life of Augustus.

Ramses #1 Son of the Light by Christian Jacq is the first of a series of 5 books about Ramses the Great. I haven't read any other fiction from the period and it's really well written. The story line includes details that add to the atmosphere, but aren't extraneous.

Ramses #2 Temple of a Million Years by Christian Jacq follows the beginning of Ramses' reign as Pharaoh, the triumphs and pitfalls of a young king following in his fathers' esteemed footsteps.

Currently Reading

Ramses #3 Battle of Kadesh by Christian Jacq 

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48 of 60 read with 4 books ahead of schedule.

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