Getting Darker - 50 Shades

September 15, 2016

Something I'm looking forward to next year is 50 Shades Darker. The trailer was released this week [I assume because everyone was sharing it this week] and I really can't wait.
Here's a look if you've managed to miss it.

Now there were a few things that bugged me about the first film, bearing in mind I hadn't read the books and had no intention of reading of the books [they are now in my TBR pile].
The blatant Twilight references. I know, it was Twilight fan fiction, but some parts just make me cringe knowing where they came from. The fact that it rips off a scene from The Thomas Crown Affair [the remake, Pierce Brosnan version] which is the glider plane scene.

However, Jamie Dornan is, well let's face it, bloody gorgeous and spends a lot of time with his top off. And Dakota Johnson is pretty damn good too. Now, I know nothing of the plot and have only the trailer as information. It definitely gets darker, who is that man? who is that woman? and I wonder what annoying cliffhanger it's going to end on.

But otherwise, I can't wait, in fact, I'm annoyed I have to wait, it's been what, 2 years or something? Hurry up!

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