Antiques - Oswestry

September 11, 2016

Something you may not know about me [depends how long you've been around] is that I like antiques and antique fairs. Oswestry at the Park Hall Showground is a regular event for me, with 4 a year, we usually make it to 2.
Bargain Hunt often film there too, and we've seen 3 lots of filming over the years. Yesterday we got to see Thomas Plant and Anita Manning filming.

We've perhaps become more selective over the years, with a dwindling space in the house to put anything, and so we didn't pick up a lot; but it's something to do, get out of the house for even if we didn't buy anything. It's also an excuse for a Costa when we get back as our railway station has one.

Next weekend is Shrewsbury, and I'll be blogging about that one then!

P.s. "We" is my mum and me.

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