August - Books

August 31, 2016

Only 4 books this month? What's been doing on? Turns out some books are harder to get through than others.

Pompeii by Mary Beard really gives a sense of what Pompeii was like from the archaeological evidence we now have. While it's lovely to watch Kit Harington in the film if you want actually fact on the subject, you can't go wrong with this book.

Antony by Allan Massie. A shorter book than I expected, but non-the-less packed with details. Told from the point of view of his secretary, Antony is supposedly dictating his memoirs, but his secretary ends up telling most of it himself.

The King's Gambit [or SPQR #1] by John Maddox Roberts. Once I found this series I've been waiting for a long time to get my hands on it. Thinking I might find it in a charity shop [nope] and waiting for the price flux on amazon to be reasonable I finally got my hands on the first book and I wasn't disappointed. While it's not particularly long [around 200 pages] it packs a punch. I've already got the next 4 and #8 in the series on my pile of books.

Sword of Rome [Complete Campaigns] by Richard Foreman was an Amazon "you might like" find. This book contains 5 stories, with 2 other books and another compilation of 3. I've read them in date of narrative order not publication order which has helped on reading the second one.

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As you can see from the widget over there in the sidebar, I've up-ed my challenge to 60 books this year as I was doing so well. 4 books ahead of schedule with 44 read.

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