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July 31, 2016

I've gone very roman this month with 7 books. Okay, one is chick-lit, one Egyptian and the other is technically Greek, but still.

Dictator by Robert Harris. I've been waiting a couple of years for this, and I didn't read the last book in the Cicero series when it was first published, so I can't imagine how those that did have felt. I was very happy to finally have it all finished up; not that I can remember the exact details of the last one after this long.

How to Manage Your Slaves by Jerry Toner is hilarious. Between the modern day author giving you interpretation on the Roman author's commentary on how to get the best out of people you buy and force into labour; it is informative and funny.

The Eagle's Vengeance by Anthony Riches is the 6th in the Empire series. I'm actually managing to read these in order, which I do prefer. We return to old ground of the first 3 books, but with new and exciting and sometimes upsetting adventures. Main characters do die in these books and you will be shouting WHY!!! at the pages.

Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week by Lindsey Kelk is the first eBook short story offering. I'm 90% convinced I've already read this, and so decided to bump up my Goodreads numbers by "reading" it now. I'm a bad, bad person.

The Goose Guards and The Phantom and the Fisherman by Terry Deary are two books from the new Tales series, the first being Greek, the second being Egyptian. Short stories obviously meant for children but are funny and a diversion from other serious story lines.

The Annals of Ancient Rome by Paul Doherty is an eBook short story [no cover to show] which within in contains snippets of his Roman series. The story in itself is interesting though I cannot connect any dots that may relate to the series, having read them so long ago. This was a FREE £0.00 amazon kindle purchase [to read on my PC]. I sometimes remember to go through the eBook's as many are often free for a limited time.

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