June - Books

June 30, 2016

Another 5 books this month. I do like it when I'm on target.

The Magician's Death by Paul Doherty. More murder, the English vs the French, alchemy, in a castle in winter. What more could you want?

About A Girl, What A Girl Wants, and A Girl's Best Friend by Lindsey Kelk. These were my holiday reading this year. I adore Lindsey Kelk's work and these were no different. I long for another in this series. Unlike most other books, I'm keeping all Kelk's in the hopes that one day I can re-read them. But if you saw my current to be read [TBR] pile you'd laugh just like I am.

The Emperors of Rome by David Potter. More of an overview than an in depth, but worth it if you can only name the Twelve Caesars and know nothing after that.

Currently Reading

Dictator by Robert Harris. Been waiting for years for this!

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