February - Books

February 29, 2016

Another 5 books this month and still avoiding any of my larger ones.

As mentioned last month I was reading Brothers in Blood by Simon Scarrow. This is the thirteenth book in the Eagles series and they just keep getting better [and longer]. We're back to "proper soldiering" in the hills of Britain, with imperial spies trying their best to kill the two main characters. And yet despite this, they never turn around and quit [even if they should].

Enemies At Home by Lindsey Davies is the second instalment in the Flavia Albia series. Take the adopted daughter of a private detective, also practising in that field, add a double murder and robbery, some slaves and a handsome aedile and you get a whodunit/blossoming love affair set under some harsh laws. Love this series.

Deadly Election by Lindsey Davies is the third instalment of the above series. Much the same vein: murder and politics; as it should be in Ancient Rome. Particularly in Domitian's reign. Can't wait for the fourth book.

Hannibal: Enemy of Rome by Ben Kane is the first book in the Hannibal series. Told from the point of view of two young men, one Carthaginian and one Roman who start off in their respective countries and end up as master and slave/allies/enemies/and not killing each other but on different sides of the war.

Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire by Terry Deary brings together facts and humour in the same way Horrible Histories did. An Ancient Egyptian version is out next year.

Currently Reading

The Spartacus War by Barry S. Strauss. This was a £3 find/top up for delivery purposes from The Works. Find my review in next month's roundup!

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