January - Books

January 31, 2016

I've managed to read 5 books this month. I had planned on starting off with some of the thicker books I need to read [1000+ pages] but decided it was easier to get the smaller ones out of the way first.

Roman Britain by Marjorie Reeves was a find in a charity shop; I love finding books from 30+ years ago especially about history as it can be amazing what has changed. I read it to give me bump on my Goodreads challenge as it was only 90ish pages long.

Egypt's Golden Empire by Joyce Tyldesley was another charity shop find. I love reading Egyptian fiction, and the non-fiction is a great bonus to understanding some of the fiction. This covered some of the most notable [more known] parts of Ancient Egypt, that being the period surrounding Tutankhamun.

Augustus by Allan Massie is the first in a series of Emperor "biographies" written as though the emperors' themselves wrote them. It happens that I've read this last in the series due to the way I buy used books off amazon and the price vs. postage issue.

Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk is a brilliant read. I'd read I Heart Christmas in around November last year and remembered why I love reading Kelk's books. The humour is totally what I respond to, the situations the characters find themselves in and the way they deal with it. I just feel better after reading them. I have the first 3 books of the "Girl" series waiting to be read this year.

Rome: The Art of War by M. C. Scott is the 4th book in the Rome/Emperor's Spy series. Unlike other narratives, this is written as accounts of different people in the story, in linear fashion. The story proceeds through time and the characters come in with their perspectives of the events about the main character who himself never has an account to tell. It's a much more engaging way of reading and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Currently Reading

Brothers in Blood by Simon Scarrow. Which I may just finish tonight, but it's too late for this post. See my review next month!

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