January 14, 2016

Credit: www.tolivebeautifully.com
Oh look, it's another year.
It's January, it's time for posts about 2015: what was popular, what we enjoyed, rounding up the year. It's 2016, it's time for posts about winter, career goals, personal goals, blogging goals, blogging topics.
Well, it's 2016 and what am I posting about?

I had ideas of things I was going to start doing, and guess what, I haven't started to do any of them.
I had notions of saving more money this year, being more sensible, looking to my health and my life.
Well, January came, I went back to work [in retail] and found myself on most days more bored than you can imagine [though obviously not in front of the customers] coming home in the cold or the rain, and wanting to just do nothing.

This year was going to be a better year, my year...blah blah blah.

Why do we find a new year the best time to start a diet, or exercise or be a better person? Why do we not do these things the day of our birthday? We are after all a year older, it should be the perfect time to realise that and decide you want to lose weight, or improve your hair health by taking supplements, or decide that the exercise mat you bought for a £1 thinking you'd use should start being used the day after you become a year older.

2016 rolled around, and while I was off work [woohoo] nothing changed. The date changed, I had to start remembering to write 16 not 15 on my cheques, but otherwise nothing changed.

And I'm not sure I'm happy with that but I don't know what to do about it.
Do I really want this or that, and if I do, how do I make changes in me and how do I go about getting it?

Maybe that's a thought for next year. In the meantime I'll continuing reading my books and watching the West Wing for the second time. Really, Bradley Whitford is amazing.

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